At present, Hudson Valley Lighting does not use an e-commerce model. That is to say, you will not see a shopping cart icon anywhere on this website. While we do sell our fine lighting fixtures through some online retailers, as well as in Houzz's Lighting Marketplace, that is not our primary way of doing business.  

Hudson Valley Lighting has built its business on lighting showrooms and those relationships. We value them and are grateful to them.

At the same time, we realize times have changed and with them, expectations. There are many people who are simply not interested in visiting stores anymore. Maybe they don’t have the time or live close enough to one. In either case, we get it. They're accustomed to buying things online and want to do their purchasing that way. So we offer our fixtures both ways.

No matter where you are on our website, you will see "Where to Buy" in at least two places. Along the top menu, it's the second option from the left. Hovering your mouse here will present both options: "Find a Showroom" or "Shop Online." "Where to Buy" is also in the footer, with an emphasis on finding a showroom near you. On every product page, it's listed in the sidebar under "Tools," alongside "Spec Sheet" and "Assembly and Installation." 

We believe an engaged, knowledgeable sales team who is passionate about lighting, as well as about kitchens and bathrooms, will best help you bring your vision to life.

In addition, this in-person approach hearkens back to an early experience our founder and president, David Littman, had, in which a savvy customer pointed out a product looked great, but didn’t feel great This lead to what we call the “out-of-the-box” experience—as soon as you take a fixture out of the box, you will be able to tell what an heirloom-quality product you have purchased by both the look and feel of it.

If you're unable to visit a showroom, we've done the best we can to provide a better sense of the fixture than a static image. We’ve gone so far as to create 3-D renderings and make videos for many fixtures. Nothing can replace the experience of seeing and handling one of our fixtures in person.

Tap or click on "Where to Buy" and our site will quickly provide you a list with local showrooms within your selected radius. In addition, each listing will indicate about how many HVL families they have in stock. From a computer, enter your zip code. From a mobile device or tablet, tap on the icon for location services.


On a parting note, we've designed our website with the belief that doing a first-time or redesign project should be fun! We're trying to provide you enjoyable and clear resources to visit as time allows. We encourage you to spend time on our site, downloading spec sheets, watching videos, reading blog posts, taking our Style Quiz to help you figure out what your taste is if you don't know, getting information and inspiration in our Design Center, and using our Project Planne. All of these resoruces will help you get a better sense of our lights, how they might work in your space, and the contexts of design and art from which they emerge.