Go with the grain – literally. With a variety of patterns, colors and types to choose from, wood grains are a versatile way to add natural elegance to a space. Want a unique, layered appearance with winning personality? Try mixing and matching. Despite what you may have been told, mixing woods is fine as long as they are complementary in grain patterns or color undertones. For example, maple and mahogany go well together because of their matching patterns. Alder and cherry also pair well. If you’re unsure where to start, limit your palette to two or three wood tones and balance them throughout your space.

Dark stained furniture paired with light wood flooring like maple creates great contrast while grounding the look. In this kitchen, the different woods create a breezy, transitional ambiance with an airy seaside flair. Our Odessa pendants lift the eye up, creating soft balance. A rug can also be used to help blend the different wood tones and tie the room together.

Dark wood grains such as walnut, cherry or mahogany can provide a beautiful backdrop for lighter accents to pop – just beware of going overboard. Dark flooring can help anchor the space, but when paired with dark walls, the look can get too somber. To maintain the balance, opt for light, neutral wall colors or light-reflective woods like pale pine, ask or oak – or accessorize smartly. Here, a dark wood floor is counterbalanced with a bright floor rug and ceiling, and our Gaines flush mount helps create subtle harmony without stealing the show.

A similar effect can also be seen with our Lynden pendant. For other options, white or off-white curtains can help create a softer atmosphere, and a colorful wall hanging can break up a wall that’s too dark.

While wood is most often a background player, it can sometimes be the star of the show. Here, a beautiful herringbone-patterned parquet floor serves as the room’s main focal point. Our airy Alpine pendant beautifully contrasts the floor without drawing attention away from it.

These are just some tips to help you get started. The most important thing to remember when mixing woods is to go with what you think looks best – and to let your personality shine!

Featured Image: Wall Mounted Wood Panel from Archi Expo /  Kirei Windfall Leather